Founded in early 2016, Woods Studio aims to help small businesses develop their brand and bloggers take control of their online presence. Along her own process, Jessica Woods -Art Director & Web Designer, had many moments of doubt and discovered becoming self-employed needed some extra work.

Since then, her primary focus is on giving tips on brand development and website design, as well as sharing rich content and resources. From freelancers to bloggers or individuals, Woods Studio helps you create a product that reflects you so you can be confident about what you’re showing to the world.


Thanks to well-thought logotype and a complete stationery system, I'm here to take your project to the next level. Through a strong brand identity, be able to tell your story and sell your business.

Web Design

From your own homepage photograph to the bottom of your contact form, I'll create a website combining your personality and business strategy without forgetting to maintain consistency by using your personal branding.

Content Creation

Whether your business needs to reach a different audience or develop a shop, create for you attractive content to build your online presence might include some flyers, packaging, posters or media kits.

Let's Work Together

We're now accepting new clients. Whether you're looking for a brand new website, a stationery system or some flyers, Woods Studio is ready to help you —